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30 April 2022

Let's make Tree Frogs

Every day ought to be Save the Frogs day as they are a litmus paper for the health of our planet. There are lots of vital and interesting frog, toad and amphibian organisations in the world, some are listed below. There is a WORLD FROG DAY, SAVE THE FROGS DAY, AMPHIBIAN WEEK, FROG JUMPING DAY.

To celebrate all of these and particularly to be in time for Save the Frogs Day, (last Saturday in April). I have created and made available these gorgeous little tree frog models.

title image of video about making tree frog models

There are 4 to collect so far, with more to come.
Each frog has 2 A4 sheets, sheet 1 has the frog parts, the info tab and the colour reference image, sheet 2 has the simple instructions. Colour, cut out and make, and then learn about these tiny little gems. One of which is THE MOST TOXIC CREATURE ON THE PLANET!!!!
Also, I've made a short instruction video showing how to colour in and assemble these tree frogs. I'd love to see your tree frogs when they are made. If you send them to hot.frog@me.com I will feature them in the Bug Belly frog gallery. Have fun.

Bug Belly crafts, making tree frogs

download A4 craft sheet for making tree frogs

download A4 craft sheet for making tree frogs

Bug Belly crafts, making tree frogs

Some of the frog organisations
save the frogs logo

Current number of amphibian species: 8,450 (Mar 31, 2022)

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