Tuesday, 1 June 2021

Shortcuts to all my FREE froggy crafts and cool activities. English, maths, colouring and more!
Click the thumbnails below and download directly, or scroll down this page to inspect and see further details on each activity. HAVE FUN!
First up is the brand new FROGSPAWN WORDPOPS. Fun and easy word puzzles. 4 pages with 3 frogspawn puzzles on each.

Shortcut link to Bug Belly crafts and activitiesShortcut link to Bug Belly crafts and activitiesShortcut link to Bug Belly crafts and activities
Shortcut link to Bug Belly crafts and activitiesShortcut link to Bug Belly crafts and activitiesShortcut link to Bug Belly crafts and activities            
Shortcut link to Bug Belly crafts and activitiesShortcut link to Bug Belly crafts and activitiesShortcut link to Bug Belly crafts and activities
Shortcut link to Bug Belly crafts and activitiesShortcut link to Bug Belly crafts and activitiesShortcut link to Bug Belly videos of Paul Morton drawing
Keep checking back as Bug Belly will be adding more each week.
Including How to make your own delumptious edible bug sweets!!!

To celebrate this event here are 5 fabulous Bug Belly activity pages to help you get
outdoors and investigate nature.
graphic showing the 5 pdf's to download for Outdoor Classroom Day 2020

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Monday, 22 March 2021

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Pictures introducing frog crafts for Bug Belly
Photos of frog crafts for ‘Bug Belly’ book
These are just some of the fantastic froggy goodies you can download and make. And please - send Bug Belly some photographs of what you make, he loves to put them in his special gallery.
Email to: hot.frog@me.com

video of author/illustrator Paul Morton drawing one of his bug belly characters


Thursday, 4 March 2021

Help Bug Belly decide what to do next. Look at the map and then write a story.
Can you make a super scary disguise, and more! Seven A4 sheets.
Download full set (7 sheets) as a single PDF

Tadpoles to colour and count. Jumping frogs with coloured spots and more! Four A4 sheets.(more coming soon)

Tuesday, 2 March 2021

picture advertising free bug belly bookplates
This is a great idea for any frog themed parties. Celebrate getting your Bug Belly book online!
Make your own incredible edible frog spawn! 
It looks amazing and tastes even better. You will need ...
Spherical ice cube tray (plenty to order online)
1 pack lime flavoured jello (US) - jelly (UK)
handful of blueberries, measuring jug
stirring stick, refrigerator

Photograph 1 of 11  How to make edible frog spawn

Unwrap and prepare the Jello. I find it quicker and easier to snip the chunks into small pieces using scissors.
You can even afford it eat a bit as you do this! : )
As you can see my blueberries are frozen but don't have to be.

Photograph 2 of 11  How to make edible frog spawn

This next bit is important. Follow the instructions on your particular brand BUT you shouldn't use as much hot water as it suggests to melt the pieces. At least HALVE what it recommends and maybe even a bit less than that. You want the resulting Jello to come out of the mould stronger, more concentrated, and much firmer than normal.

A short blast in the microwave helps melt the pieces more quickly. Once mixed thoroughly and dissolved, pour your delicious smelling liquid lime Jello into the bottom half of your spherical mould, almost to the top. 
And then ..... wait!!!!! 
Yes, this is the boring bit, you need to let the mixture start to set before adding your blueberries.
The time will vary from brand to brand so just be patient.

Photograph 4 of 11  How to make edible frog spawn

Now comes the only tricky part. If your Jello has 'semi set' to just the right consistency it will be a thick liquid and a bit wobbly. You will be able to plop each blueberry into place smack in the middle of the circles. Sometimes they float out of position so wait until you've placed all of them and then using a cocktail stick, or similar, gently push them into place.

Photograph 5 of 11  How to make edible frog spawn

Once you're happy with their positions, drop the top half of the mould smartly on top and begin pressing down, forcing out the excess liquid Jello. Don't worry about making a mess you can lick (I mean clean) it up afterwards.

Photograph 6 of 11  How to make edible frog spawn

Pop it into the refrigerator for about an hour or more and then the best bit is opening up the moulds to reveal your perfect Jello spheres. With this particular mould I use a round knife tip to gently prise it apart.

Photograph 7 of 11  How to make edible frog spawn

If your Jello is just the right consistency you will be able to gently tease and ease the balls out of the lower half of the mould taking care not to rip off the top half. They will even bounce nicely on the worktop if you should drop them.

Photograph 8 of 11  How to make edible frog spawn

Pretty amazing and realistic huh?
AND if you want to see how this compares to actual frog spawn, CLICK HERE!

Photograph 9 of 11  How to make edible frog spawn

The incredible edible frog spawn looks great when served with ice cream, or make lots and simply pile it in a great heap and let the party goers dig in. 

Photograph 10 of 11  How to make edible frog spawn

I hope you enjoy making this incredible edible spawn and remember to check back each week or so for more froggy freebies and great ideas.

Photograph 11 of 11  How to make edible frog spawn

why not download this handy graphic as a reminder ...

graphic chart of how to make edible frogspawn


Saturday, 27 February 2021

Download and print out these two sheets. Then colour Bug Belly in and cut him out. Follow the instructions for the lily pad and you can have your very own Bug belly wobbler on your desktop.
Download free craft sheet for Bug Belly crafts


Friday, 26 February 2021

Download and print out this instruction sheet. Then colour in your froglet to match your favourite character. Will it be Splish, Splash or Splodge?
Make your froglet into a bouncy wall wobbler. Looks great wobbling from your bookcase.

A4 download craft sheet to make a frog Wobbler

Photo of Splodge Wobbler on wall


Monday, 19 October 2020



If you've read right to the very last page of Bug Belly Babysitting Trouble you will know that Bug Belly has some particular favourite bug snacks. Lava Pops and Worm Whirls are just two for example.

How would you like to make some of Bug Belly's favourite bug snacks?.. and then EAT THEM?? You can if you follow these delumptious edible bug recipes. The first three are available for downloading now, Fly Fudge, Worm Whirls and Chrysalis Candies! and all the rest to follow soon.



Thursday, 19 March 2020

There's just one tadpole here that doesn't have a matching taddie partner. Poor Zephyr! If you colour in each matching pair in a different colour you'll soon discover which one is Zephyr. Maybe you can think of names for all the other taddies?
Download the high res version here.
Colouring in sheet of matching tadpoles for Bug Belly book
If you'd like to colour this picture in and then email Bug Belly a copy he will post it below and feature it in THE BUG BELLY GALLERY.


Thursday, 5 March 2020

To celebrate WBD Bug Belly is giving away this free
downloadable book mark.
It features Splish, Splash and Splodge in a balancing act and is perfect for colouring in.
Bug Belly, black and white bookmark illustration for downloading and colouring in.


Monday, 17 February 2020

The life cycle of frogs is fascinating.
It all begins as a little black speck in the centre of an individual egg in a ball of jelly frogspawn. The spawn quickly expands and swells with water as the tiny tadpoles develop and stretch into little black blobs. When they wriggle free from the jelly they can breathe underwater using their gills. At these early stages they feed on old jelly and algae in the pond and use their rough rasping 'teeth' to scrape off the algae.
As their legs develop they also change to become carnivores and eat tiny insect and other pond life.
Only a small fraction of the tadpoles will survive to become adult frogs, that's one of the reasons that frogs lay so much frogspawn in the first place.
Toads also lay spawn but unlike the clumps or balls of frogspawn, toadspawn is laid in long strings.

photograph of newly laid frogspawn in pond
photograph copyright Paul Morton
This is a freshly laid clump of frogspawn, about the size of a tennis ball.
It will swell and expand over a day or two to become about 4 or 5 times bigger and joins with the other clumps of spawn to become one large mass of frogspawn.

close up photograph of frogspawn in pond
photograph copyright Paul Morton

Free download poster of FROG LIFE CYCLE for Bug Belly book
And you can colour in the poster as you learn about frogs!

Bug Belly A4 b&W Life cycle of frogs poster